Rigging equipment

Rigging on film production means any equipment that helps to lift or hoist other equipment — the grip department specializes in camera rigs (to stabilize camera movement and achieve specific camera angles) and lighting rigs (to achieve specific lighting techniques and effects).

We’re proud to carry all the
stunt rigging necessities

Safety lifting gear and equipment for controlled descents. Whether you plan on ziplining, performing at a height, or simply need the equipment necessary to move heavy items safely, Phantomstunts is here to help.

Our rigging gear includes a variety of descent devices, also Harken high-speed pulleys with heavy-duty bearings and swivelling heads. In addition, we offer Fusion, Rock Exotica, CMI, SRT and Petzel products with high kilo newton ratings for maximum safety. We also carry a variety of braided ropes appropriate for descent and rescue situations.

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Rigging Equipment Used in Film